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This calculator works out the take-home earnings for you based on working a 40 hour week. Please note these numbers are a guide and it is best to get an individual quote based on your exact working circumstances.

Why choose an umbrella company?

Spectrum Payroll Solutions reduce overheads and any employment risks associated with engaging temporary workers directly in-house.

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What is an umbrella company?

An umbrella company employs various freelancers and contractors who work on numerous assignments at different locations. These workers can work for different companies, clients, and agencies while being continuously employed by an umbrella company.

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How does being employed by an umbrella company work?

A worker will usually be offered a higher rate of pay than would be the case if they were employed through the recruitment agency. We cover employment costs such as employer’s national insurance, pension contributions, the apprenticeship levy, and holiday pay.

  • Employer’s National Insurance
  • Pension Contribution
  • Apprenticeship Levy
  • Holiday Pay
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We make working for yourself easy!


Get started in around 24 hours

Be in a position to maximise your earnings from day one with us.


A flexible solution for the self-employed

Our umbrella company gives you a payroll solution that just works.


Know when you are getting paid

Friday is payday. Every week. No worrying when the money’s coming.


The peace of mind of knowing you are insured

With our solution, you get protected at no extra cost with contractor insurance.


Support from a professional team

Our friendly and expert team are there to help you Monday to Friday.


Always-on access to your account online

All the information about your account is available for you to view online 24/7.

Construction Industry Scheme confusion?

We’ve got a dedicated team here to help when your a CIS Umbrella Company, Limited Company or Sole Trader.

We’ve got your pension covered too!

We help all our workers to save a pension for their retirement wherever and whenever it’s possible.

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